Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Favorite Everyday Fall (So Far)

With the end of the July, pre-fall and fall releases are cropping up everywhere. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in southern California, summer weather will likely continue well through September, and possibly even into October, so I'm not in a huge hurry to stock up on cool-weather clothing. However, this doesn't mean I'm not cataloguing and keeping a mental list of things I want to pick up when the weather finally does turn.

And so far, the "fall collection" (I have that in quotation marks because I'm not entirely sure that a retailer's seasonal line can accurately be described as a "collection"...) that I'm loving the most belongs to...


Yep, Boden. J. Crew? Nice. Anthro? Okay. Madewell? Sure. But Boden?

That's where my money's headed. 

I know. It surprised me too. Because to be honest, while I love Boden's kids' lines, I haven't been all that enchanted with their women's line in quite a while. It's been sort of the same and well...kinda bordering on mumsy. *Ahem* But this fall line - it hits all the right notes. I really really like it.

Am I right?

So here are all the items I've earmarked in my very-much-thumbed-through copy of the Autumn 2012 Boden catalogue. (Yes, I did use the British spelling. I thought it was appropriate here. ^_-):

1. Toasty Heath Jacket (I'm always looking for the perfect San Diego-winter appropriate jacket. This one looks super promising!)
2. Marylebone Coat (It's like the coat Mary Poppins wore. Only...not as 19th century, right? Love.)
3. Moleskine Blazer (a great alternative to the J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer and costs about $70 less...)

4. Everyday Jumper (This is a great basic wool sweater in some not-so-basic colors. I love the pink and the yellow-striped versions.)
5. Casual Cable Cardigan (What a great basic! I want one in each color...)
6. Skye Jumper (The marled yarn and nubbier texture of this sweater takes me back to J. Crew from "days of yore." You know...back when the roll-neck sweater was still an annual staple. I still miss the sweaters from those days.)

7. Woven Crinkle Shirt (I think I'm definitely going to have to spring for the blue floral - it's just...perfect. *happy sigh*)
8. Essential Shirt (I love a good printed button-up. They're wonderful on their own or as a layering element.)
9. Wrap Jersey Top (I love the way this top fits the model - looks comfy but finished at the same time. And it's machine washable! Win!)
10. Peter Pan Top (Adorable!)
11. Autumn Breton (So, I love stripes, but am particular about them. I love the size and spacing of the stripes on this cotton basic.)

12. Printed A-Line Skirt (Are we tired of polka dots yet? Nope, still love 'em!)
13. Wool Midi Skirt (So, yes, I'll need to have this taken up a couple inches, but it looks like it'd be an amazing fall/winter staple for years and years to come.)
14. Swishy Jersey Skirt (Remember that thing I asked about dots, earlier? Mmhm.)
15. Flippy Cord Skirt (Just adorable. Which color do you choose???) 

16. Riviera Shirt Dress (I'm not entirely sure how this would fit me, but I love the way it almost looks like a coat in the product shot. Willing to give it a try...)
17. Placket Cord Dress (There's nothing quite as perfect for the fall as a corduroy dress - I love the way they styled this one on the model - tights, boots, and a scarf. I can practically smell the "crisp" in the air.) 
18. Scoop Tunic Dress (So, this is made of viscose, but it's machine washable - and it looks like a very easy dress to throw on and style. Definitely on my must-try list.)

19. Vintage Heeled Boots (This may be the year I need to replace my beloved Appepazza Martin Boots, and these might just fit the bill...)
20. Suede Brogues (I think I need a pair of oxfords brogues this year, don't you?)

I've never ordered from Boden, but if the quality of their adult clothing is anything like the quality of their children's clothing lines, I have no qualms placing an order. Fit will be another issue entirely, but I'll learn as I try. If you decide to order, be sure to use Ebates (2.5% cash back for Boden) and look for coupon codes - my catalog came with a code for 15% off + free shipping and returns.

What do you think? Which "fall collections" have you been loving? And have any of you ordered from Boden? Any advice on fit would be much appreciated!

Have a great last day of July!


  1. I LOVE Boden. Their clothes are all made really well and top quality fabrics. My Only complaint is that packages can sometimes take a long time to arrive as they ship from the UK. They also have a warehouse in the US so you never really know which items will take longer to ship. The clothes are all TTS. Bags are gorgeous. Hope that helps!


  2. Ditto the previous poster. Also, I find the clothing runs a bit tight in the shoulder area sometimes. Note that they do not do vanity sizing. I am a solid 0-2 in JCrew but almost always a 4 in Boden. I love love love that they include measurements on the website! Check out Dina's My Superfluities blog--she has tons of info on Boden.

  3. Boden was recommended to me recently by a blog reader for maternity clothes and holy wow, do they have some cute things!!

  4. Wow! Seriously, Boden!! Awesome!! http://katejones.me

  5. I've also never ordered anything from Boden, but I've been keeping an eye on their offerings the past few seasons. This season they've outdone themselves and I may pick a few things up. They don't do wearable prints as well as Anthro, but the classically feminine designs and higher quality are great. (I wish I could fit into their shoes--they don't sell size 35 in women's--because many have leather linings or soles.)

    Right now I'm eyeing their jackets... Funnel Neck Jacket has the potential to be simply beautiful, if it fits well.

  6. I think I may have to re-sign up for their catalog. I , too, felt that it was bland, but I have heard that the quality is wonderful.

  7. I love Boden and have been wearing their clothes for about the last 4-5 years. I find their products are really well made have help up well, even their t-shirts (unlike J Crew, *shakes fist*). Boden is awesome because they list the actual garment measurements for every product in every size - I wish Anthro would do this!

  8. Boden pricing is similar to the popular US brands, such as BR and JCrew, but the clothing has SUPERIOR quality hands-down! Dresses and skirts are usually fully lined, so no need to find just-the-right slip. Also, the finishing details of seams are similar to those of a good tailor. The colors stay vibrant, and the cloth rarely shrinks. Things stay looking sharp, crisp and new for many wears. In contrast to US retailers, they will NOT have deep discounts until the season passes, but I believe that the clothing quality usually warrants the price. As others have mentioned, garment descriptions list detailed measurements and so finding the proper size is simplified. Definitely, no vanity sizing. Delivery takes a while if from the UK site and not the US site. Customer service is super helpful, and if necessary, exchanges are easy. So in summary, Boden has earned my love and loyalty! ;-)

  9. I've never heard of Boden but now I might have to stop by and take a peak. I have not purchased from overseas because I hear it's a pain with the credit card and if there are exchanges/returns.

  10. Oh Carol, it's like you wrote this post for me!! I recently got their Fall preview catalog and couldn't be more pleased. Something about the British/classic fall look that was displayed on every page had me swooning. After reviewing Anthro's catalog online I wasn't very impressed, in fact, worried that they'd lost it once again. Then I saw the pocket-size Boden catalog and the upcoming Fall season looked hopeful once again :)

  11. I just looked through the fall catalog of Boden last night and loved tons of things too! I only had a 10% discount code, I'm feeling so slighted! Haha

  12. Oh I forgot to mention that I ordered three dresses from Boden early this year and the quality was amazing.

  13. I totally agree! I just got the fall catalog yesterday and I remarked to my husband that they really got it right this time. I will be ordering several things, although I'm waiting for a better discount.

  14. so funny that you mention boden! i used to wonder how the heck i started receiving their catalogues (hehe). i definitely agree, really nice offerings this time around! the peter pan top is adorable. i'm in trouble...

  15. you're exactly right. i have been ordering my kids clothes from there for years and i've never been impressed with the women's clothes (except swimwear). i took another look since you mentioned you liked this season and i really liked it as well. thanks for your post

  16. Everything I've ordered from Boden has been great quality. I do size up from a US six to their eight on skirts and pants. I love the Bistro trousers and biker boots from this recent catalog as well.

  17. I've adored the quality and styling of mini Biden (all my son wears), but I thought the women's line was a bit frump for me. I looove their fall line this year though...especially their retro jumper. Quality is superb. Have you checked out My Superfluities blog? She (Dina) is hands down the most thorough Boden reviewer. She usually gives sales alerts before others too. Thought I'd pass on the info!