Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wherein the Shopbop Sale Makes Carol Cry

Last week, I felt we had a bit of a break. You know. From the S-word. And then this whole 4th of July thing reared up, triggering a bunch of sales, which means everyone else follows suit.

It's an unkind thing to do to a girl on a shopping ban.

But I was holding up. I was. Until I made the mistake of opening an email announcing Shopbop's (online mecca of contemporary and designer fashions) up-to-70%-off sale, and followed that by actually checking out the Shopbop sale page...

That blush color! That sophisticated silhouette! That sculptural ruffle! And for 50% off? Yes, please!

Other things I've piled into my shopping cart (you know, just for fun):

1. One by Kuks Lace Mini Dress (you know that I sucker I am for yellow. And this old-timey, vintagey lace! Ooooh...)
2. Theory Jesminda Dress (seriously, how perfect is this little summer dress? *sniffle*)
3. Alice + Olivia Darcy Lace Dress (so sweet and delicate - my kids would probably destroy it within moments of their first "big hug" but oh, for the few minutes I had it on before that happened, I'd feel so pretty...)
4. A.L.C. Sera Tux Dress (I've really been drawn to shift dress shapes lately and I love the colors and prints on this one. Gorgeous, and at 50% off, closer to "reasonable" in terms of cost.)
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Finch Flight Romper (yes, it's a romper. Yes, it'll be a pain to use the bathroom  while you're wearing this. But it's ADORABLE. I hate that I kind of love this...)
6. Alice + Olivia Arthur Pants (so, hard as it may be to believe, this is the item that's most tempting me break my shopping ban. This one. Slouchy, pink, cuffed trousers. Mmhm.)
7. Sam Edelman Sophie Sandals (I love the color and style of these sandals.)
8. Frye Kara T-Strap Sandals (so cute and great colors - not to mention 70% off! And what shorty vertically challenged woman couldn't use a nice pair of platform heels?)
9. Dannijo Nicoline Necklace (you know I love a good necklace, and this one! *happy sigh* I love the spare and simple design, colors, and texture.)
10. No. 21 Long Gown with Lace Detail (so if you happen to be in the market for something to wear to the Oscars next year, there's a deal to be had with this dress. I look at it, and I just wish really really hard that I had a reason to wear something like this. Sigh. Some day.)

So, as of this moment, I haven't actually broken my shopping ban on Shopbop. But I did just get wind of the sale-on-sale going on at Anthro (take an extra 25% off!) 'til July 8th. I just need to remind myself that I don't actually need anything - that there's not really been anything singing to me and anything I buy now would just be the result of some serious sale-goggles. Right? Right.

*very big sigh*

What about you? Are you indulging in any of these July 4th holiday sales?


  1. haha, stay strong. Just remember that you already have a beautiful wardrobe.

    I've never gone to Shopbop or Shopsense even. I took myself off nearly all shopping mailing lists at the start of the year, and it's reduced my unnecessary shopping tremendously. I've been donating clothes, and my closet is getting so much happier.

  2. I've been getting those emails, too! It's taking most of my will power to not add anything to my shopping cart!! I'm with you, Carol. Together, we will survive these sales without a purchase!! :) KateJones.me

  3. Guilty. I picked up a few things from the sales last weekend. Stay strong and keep telling yourself that you're saving up for the upcoming Nordstrom sale.

  4. I ended up winning a giftcard to Shopbop,and finally used it once a blouse I loved went on sale a few days ago.There were so many other things that were marked down quite a bit I wanted to get!Maybe later...
    I'm working on rebuilding my wardrobe,so as long as I can actually afford it,it's alright to get one or two things.Though at this point I think I'll just have to stick with entering giveaways! :) haha