Friday, August 3, 2012

Arm Candy Fantasies

So, I'm well aware that the term "arm candy" generally refers to 1) an attractive companion on one's arm, or 2) bracelets. I'm applying it to neither - rather, I'm choosing to bring up a third type of arm candy entirely:

Yes, that's right. The handbag. The designer handbag, no less. Ever since attending the Nordstrom Fall 2012 Designer Preview event, I've had designer-handbag-fever. There were so many beautiful ones there - both for sale and carried by the guests. The chance that I'll actually be able to buy one of these beauties is slim to none - not only do most of these cost as much as or more than the average U.S. mortgage payment - but I'd quite literally have to save my "pin money" for several months to be able to afford one. And we all know that in the face of pretty clothes, sales, and other temptations, I have the willpower of a gnat. Quite frankly, delayed gratification is hard for me. 

The beauty of having a blog though, is that I can wax poetic about wanting things like this - sort of wallow in the enjoyment of imagining that I'm going to buy one - and well, try to get it out of my system. So, bear with me, because here I go.

Handbags I'm currently coveting:

1. Valentino Rockstud Small Leather Tote (I saw this at the Nordstrom Designer Preview - oh, it is so beautiful in person!)
2. Dolce & Gabbana 'Miss Sicily' Satchel (There was a woman at the Designer Preview - she looked fantastic. She was wearing this super simple but sophisticated outfit - oversized white button-down shirt, with fitted black pants, a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps, and this handbag. I couldn't stop looking at her. Kathryn mustered up the courage to ask her about the bag for me - I was quietly dying over it - and she told us it was D&G. Oh, I love, love, love it. I might actually consider saving up my pin money for several months for this one. Milly's Isabella Shoulder Bag is a less expensive and smaller but not-quite-as-decadent version which could work in a pinch. Still, as pretty as the Isabella is, I think my heart belongs to the Miss Sicily...)
3. Marc Jacobs 'Safari - Large Single' (I love the pink and leopard print combo!) 
4. Yves Saint Laurent 'Muse' Dome Satchel (So, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm loving the burgundy handbags right now. This one is fantastically lady-like and sophisticated.)
5. Bottega Veneta Large Veneta Hobo (I have a friend who actually owns this bag - and oh, it's gorgeous.)
6. Valentino 'Girello Flap' Shoulder Bag (This is much smaller than the bags I normally carry - as the mother of young children, I need a bag that's...well, big. But once they're all grown up and I don't need to be toting around quite as many odds and ends, "just in case," etc, I want a bag like this. Feminine. Small. So pretty.)
7. Valentino Shopper Tote (I love the toughness of Valentino's studs against otherwise very feminine silhouettes. This tote is such a great size and shape - perfect for carrying every day. The color is also amazing.)
8. Balenciaga Classic Velo Bag (The color! I love the color of this bag. And it's so unfussy in every other way. Wonderful!)
9. Alexander McQueen 'Heroine' Satchel (This bag is just...there are really no words. Look at the design! With the overlapping handles. And that suede interior. And the expanding zippered sides. Just look at that incredible color. *sigh*)
10. Jason Wu Jourdan Crossbody Tote (Speaking of color, would you look at this blue? Oh, just so very blue. I know, I'm running out of words. But how many superlatives can I really have in one post?)

Okay, that might be enough wallowing for one night. But what about you? What sorts of pretty things are you currently fantasizing about?


  1. I am dying over the D&G bag. My favorite by far! I am such a sucker for lace. Top that off with beautiful structure and gold hardware. I'm a gonner. I have also convinced myself that I NEED a black bag. Do you think the lace is trendy or classic? I always worry about that. I have always loved lace but I know it is in (or was and I don't pay enough attention). I have very few handbags and try to stick with classics.

  2. I also define arm candy as a lovely handbag! Love your picks! Especially the Balenciaga. I've been holding back on all these sales to save my pennies for a new one. Mary :)

  3. That D&G bag is exquisite. Far too exquisite for my lifestyle, but so elegantly constructed. Perhaps a little much to wear to Little League or swim meets, but I can dream!

  4. I'm loving #6!!! O.O My jaw is dropping at the price of these items!! One day, I tell myself, one day I will be able to afford these things...