Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leather Skirts (Who Knew?)

Leather skirts are something I have never felt the need to add to my wardrobe. When someone said, "leather skirt," I tended to imagine something...skin-tight, super short, and well...paired with other...very non-Carol-esque style choices.

And then, last fall, Anthro put out an A-line midi-length leather skirt, which was actually quite nice. But we all wondered, "How long well that length be trendy? Maybe this is too trendy." But that was the first time I really looked at a leather skirt as something I might want to introduce to my closet. 

And this fall? Well...suffice it to say, this fall, the options seem to have expanded beyond what I'd ever imagined. Look at how adorable this Vince skirt looks with a nubby sweater (I think I might need one, though I'd probably skip the leggings and go with tights...): 

They seem to be coming in every shape, length, and color you could possibly want. Here are some to look over:

1. Patterson Kincaid Polly Leather Skirt (I love the burgundy version. But the black might be slightly more versatile. Which, which, which?) 
2. DKNY Leather A-line Skirt (such a beautiful green!), 
3. Versace Electric Blue (Had to show you this, just because it's so beautiful, but yikes, it's a mortgage payment!), 
4. By Marlene Birger Leather Skirt (What a pretty, pretty color, but also super pricey)
5. Weekend Max Mara 'Affine' Leather Skirt (Another gorgeous blue and slightly less expensive, but...only slightly less)
6. Topshop Ruch Leather Skirt (great color, decent length, and it's closer to affordable...)
7. Long Leather Skirt (practically a maxi! Not sure if I'm digging the pieced-together look, though that probably explains the lower price...)
8. Catherine Malandrino Quilted Leather Skirt (love the tulip silhouette and the gorgeous purple. Also, not completely leather - it has knit side panels - in case you wanted to tone the whole leather-look down a bit.)
9. McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Midi Skirt (so beautiful and classic)
10. Banana Republic A-line Leather Skirt (Not quite as full-skirted as I'd like, but the color is great and the price is right - especially with an extra 30% off - promo ends 8/28).

And for the budget conscious and/or those-not-quite-ready-to-commit-to-the-real-thing:

11. Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, The Limited (great, versatile color and perfect for work!)
12. Hinge Faux Leather Skirt (This is a cute little number that was released during the Anniversary Sale. I hesitated on it - much to my current regret.)
13. 10 Crosby Derek Lam Faux Leather Skirt (I really love the look of this one - but wow, that price tag stings - especially since it's faux leather!)
14. Sparkle and Fade Vegan Leather Skate Skirt (very cute but maybe too short for me)
15. Faux Leather Kick-Pleat Skirt, The Limited (I love the '70s vibe of this skirt!)

So, what do you think? Are you a pro- or anti- leather skirt? Or are you on the fence? 


  1. I keep reading about leather skirts! I feel like I need one now!

  2. I'm pro-but I like this one best, https://www.wbyworth.com/Portal.aspx?CN=224AEE2C9237&CONFIGTRXID=A6C18D7CB8B5&INDEXSTART=4&ITEMROWNUMBER=6&PAGE=shopbylook&PRODUCTSORT=Newest&SEASON=All,123&OCCASION=&COLOR=1&SIZE=

  3. this leather skirt looks really cute. i love how it looks paired with a knitted sweater. i also want a pair of leather leggings. i have yet to find the perfect pair!

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  4. I like leather skirts, and I've owned them in the past. One tip....size DOWN. Buy it very tight because they stretch out!

  5. That would look so cute on you! I don't think it would be a good fit for my life because it doesn't seem like it would pack/travel well (and I also can't envision myself teaching class in it) but I think you could totally rock it.

  6. Eh, I'm kinda nay on leather skirts. They just look too heavy for my taste. However, if I had to go with one, make it a pencil skirt for me.:) I'm all for leather ACCENTS on skirts; a little goes a long way. A la Ralph Lauren: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13007224&cp=1760782.13102020&ab=ln_women_cs1_skirts&parentPage=family

  7. Quite like the leather skirt on leather trousers- hard to work that but looks good!