Sunday, August 12, 2012

One of Ours (Some Thoughts)

We all know that no life is perfect. We all suffer from various challenges, difficulties, and heartaches. We all know fear. And despite my perpetual fixation on pretty frocks and designer shoes, I am well aware that the best accessory or garment for any woman is her loving, courageous, intelligent, and compassionate heart. I think Yves Saint Laurent put it really well when he said, "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."

Very recently, one of our readers and a blogger in her own right - you may know her as "J'aime Shopping," - was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's lovely, smart, young, and hard-working; was getting ready to be married and now - well, now things have taken a turn in her life. She's been blogging with stark and moving honesty about her experience on what was formerly her style and shopping blog: J'aime Shopping's Battle With Cancer and I encourage you to go visit her there and offer her a few words of love and support.

Source: J'aime Shopping's Battle With Cancer; Photo by Pat.

A very wise friend of mine has lately been teaching me with his example, the power we all hold within us to love each other, even when we may not know each other well or have any certainty that the feeling will be reciprocated. It's been incredibly moving and eye-opening to watch what happens when someone approaches the world with powerful love for and trust in him/herself and love for others. I bring this up because I have always imagined that as bloggers and readers, we form a community here on the web. And as such we have - if not an obligation, then certainly permission - to offer each other opportunities for participation and collaboration. Fundamental to those activities are relationship-building, connectedness, and support.

And how much better - how much more meaningful are any of those things, when approached from the vantage point of love?

So, I may be going out on a limb here - I know that In Pursuit of Pretty Things is more than anything else, a place you probably come to indulge your desire for pretty material goods (and it's certainly where I come to scratch that spot too!), but we all know that there's more to us - all of us - than that. So, if you're in need of a little (or even a lot of) love and support, or can offer some, leave a comment below. I'll be thinking of you this week and even beyond with love and hope that things get better for you.

And meanwhile, don't forget J'aime Shopping. She's one of ours.


  1. I've been out of the loop, so thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm heading over to give J'aime Shopping a big hug right now.

  2. I just went on Jaime's blog - she is so strong. Thank you so much for writing about her - she has my prayers and hugs from this day forth..

  3. we hate cancer indeed. I had cold terrifying chills when I read J'aime Shopping's first post about this, and I'm really impressed with the forthright and honest discussion of her fears and frustrations. We are a small community, with connections formed over a period of reading and discussion. that's cool.

  4. Thank you for sharing this with all your readers. It is REALLY important for us all to take a break once in a while--whether it be for material pleasures (window/screen shopping) or for immaterial satisfaction (remembering fun times and evaluating future goals). Whatever it is, always remember to enjoy the little things. :) I'm subscribed to J'aime's blog now. I'll be thinking of her and you. Much love and support, Kate

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this story and the link. Like everyone, I've had more than a few run ins with cancer (my mom is a survivor and my grandma just passed away last month). They both found ways to connect to people through the internet in the worst of times. I've subscribed to J'aime's blog too and am blown away by her courage. Thanks again for sharing, I know this means the world to her.

  6. I'm a long time friend of J'Aime and want to thank you for posting this. I am sure she is overwhelmed by the response and it can't help by buoy her spirits. She has a journey ahead and having so many of you stop by her blog and support her will help enormously.

  7. Thank you for sharing this story. I, too, believe that bloggers form a community. I believe it to be a strong one that often involves a lot of invisible members. It's so important for us to be there for one another. It takes a brave person to reveal their inner struggles with this community and so many of us don't have that bravery. Sometimes what we need is just a place to go to be reminded of other things... that too is needed.

  8. You are a wonderful person. I have been reading J'aime's blog for some time now because she is also from Canada, and was shocked and saddened to hear that she had been diagnosed with "c". I hate that word.
    But for you to make a post designated to getting people to read her posts and help make her feel better is a very beautiful thing to do.
    My husband always wonders why I am so obsessed with my "Anthropologie" blogs, that I read them all first thing in the morning, and check on them throughout the day to see if there is anything new.
    It's because I feel you are all friends. I care about you and this community. I think that is what actually enhances my so called shopping experience. It is not about the clothes or about the sales all the time. It is about the kinship and good feelings that I get from reading about everybody's kids, or like Jess at Consume or Consumed, being excited for her because she is now expecting.
    So I commend you for doing this post and thank you for verifying to me that I have joined the right community.