Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reprieve (Fall Fantasies)

As of the time of writing, in San Diego, it's a lovely 72 degrees. It's cooler and overcast, and serving as a wonderful break amidst lots of very hot weather (sadly, it's supposed to climb back into the high 80s this coming week). It's enough to summon fantasies of fall and winter - were we're bundled in cozy sweaters and boots, tromping through the woods, breathing deeply of the smells of...

Oh, wait. Hm. Are there any real woods to speak of, here in San Diego? Does the Torrey Pines Reserve count? No, it really doesn't. Okay, well, anyway, you knew where I was going with that. Fall. Cozy. Woods. 

Personally, in that fantasy, I'm wearing something like this:

What about you? What are you wearing in your Fall weather fantasy?


  1. I am wearing something VERY similar, but with boots. Definitely boots. :)

    It was a very mild 72 degrees this morning in Orange County - I even pulled out a SCARF, but alas, it was in the 80s by noon.

    Here's to more pining for woods and cozy weather - just posted about it today also!


  2. Oh, I'm wearing simply TONS of maroon and burgundy (mixed with rust and mint and mustard) and thinking of wearing cute ankle socks with heels. and boots.

    I always admire these kinds of long cardigans but they somehow just look like bathrobes on me :(

    We're in the middle of a heatwave and I'm torn- don't want summer to end, but those dark rich colours are calling out to me!

  3. I am desperate to pull out my gorgeous wool pencil skirts and heavier dresses. And cashmere! Cashmere everywhere!

    I am thinking my fall color palette will be lots of navy, mustard, gray, and purple. The thing I miss most in the spring/summer are tights to hide my lily-white legs when I wear I'm excited for "tights weather"!