Monday, August 20, 2012

Wear Now/Wear Later (J. Crew Sale)

I'll admit it - with the extra 30% off (promo code LOVEIT) I have succumbed and added a few items to my J. Crew shopping cart. However, I'll also note that my J. Crew shopping cart has essentially zero summer-only items in it. There are definitely things in it that were released as part of J. Crew's summer offerings, but if you look, you'll see that these are all things that will transition nicely into a fall/winter wardrobe. Because even though it feels like endless summer right now (and in all honesty, Southern California tends to stay warm well into October) all these sales are fashion-summer's last hurrah. Meaning if you don't buy stuff that you can wear now and wear later, chances are, you'll really be annoyed with yourself for spending $$ on something you could only wear for a little while before all the cold-weather arrived.

Well, I'll be annoyed with myself. You may not actually care should this happen to you. And really, that's okay too. But you know...just in case.

(I love this yellow. Super cute with summer stuff and lovely with fall colors too. It'll be just the pop you were looking for.)

1. Boy Shirt in Barbados Plaid (In my shopping cart. I love the bright blue of this shirt -  with its sleeves rolled up, it'll be perfect paired with shorts for summer. Then, later on, it'll really brighten up overcast days in the fall and winter, layered underneath a sweater and paired with the cords in #4.)
2. Garment-dyed Drawstring Shirtdress (Also in my shopping cart. Wear with flip flops or sandals now for a perfect summer look. Then, in the fall, throw on some tights underneath, maybe some boots, and a sweater over the top - both a pullover or a cardigan would look great over this one. I tried this on a while back and dismissed it because the sleeve was so tight. But Pamela reassures me that the sleeve on hers is fine, so I'm going to guess that maybe if I unbutton the cuff on the sleeve before rolling, the tightness issue will disappear. Fingers crossed!)
3. Tippi Cardigan in Leopard (In my shopping cart. During the warmer months, I'll have this in my bag for cooler evenings that always seem to creep up on me. And later, in the fall/winter, this cardigan is going to look great with any of my black skirts + tights or black pants - Minnies come to mind. Trousers too, of course. Oh, and paired with a few other colors - jewel tones! - as well. Can't wait!)
4. Factory Skinny Cord in Garment Dye (I'm picking these up in the "pale mineral" color to replace the mint pair of *groan* full-priced Toothpick Denim that I stained with iced tea and rendered completely unwearable. I already know they'll go with quite a lot in my closet already, but I'm also looking forward to pairing them with that Barbados Plaid shirt above.)
5. Liquid Silk Skirt (Not yet in my shopping cart. I'm really tempted by this skirt. It's essentially a year-round sort of skirt, especially in that color! - and perfect for San Diego's climate though it might be a little light for actual winter months with snow and ice and slush and stuff. The real question being posed here is, do I really need another A-line midi skirt? Hmmm...the answer may very well be, "Yes.")
6. Basket-weave Shift Dress (I'm really rather sad this is sold out in my size. Both colors are just fantastic. Wear it as styled on the product shot now, and then with a long sleeved shirt and tights layered underneath along with boots and an outer layer later, when the weather turns cooler.)
7. Workwear Shirtdress (My friend has this dress and I see her often enough that it'd be problematic if I bought this. But if it weren't for that, I'd have bought this already. This dress is great. Paired with flat sandals and belted or unbelted, it's a super-cute and really easy to wear dress. In the fall and winter, I'd throw a long sleeve turtleneck layer underneath it with tights and boots, and a jacket or coat. SO cute. Sigh. I wish she hadn't bought it first.)

So are any of you still buying strictly-summer goods right now? Or are you also picking up some fun summer sale items with an eye to the coming seasons?


  1. Ill admidt, I caved at the extra 30 off yesterday...the sequin skirts are just too devine not to indulge Im wearing a sequined bomber jacket from jcrew that I also had to indulge in...


  2. I added so many items to my shopping cart, but I was good and havent actually purchased anything... yet... I'm seriously considering the Factory perfect shirt in a red plaid, so obviously I'm thinking about my Fall/Winter wardrobe already! :) Did you see the 75% sale at Kate Spade!? SO MUCH SELF-CONTROL!!!!! :D Kate

  3. There are two items I want. The leopard print cardigan and anchor print cardigan. I think I may resist so I can save up for fall items.

  4. ooh, great choices! I may pick up a few of those myself

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  5. I've got transition on the brain too - I picked up a few things from Anthro & J Crew's sales that I know I can layer later on, and jewelry because hey, that's seasonless! LOVE the Edie bag - tempting.

  6. i love love love it! the color is so beautiful! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  7. I am skipping this sale. At this point I feel done with summer shopping, and I can't stand buying things on final sale unless I've already tried the item and know exactly the size I need & how it will fit. Same reason I skipped the latest Kate Spade sale (that and still feeling burned over rotten CS from my last order). That Edie is delightful -- the two-tone attache that went on sale is tempting, but I'm saying no for now.

  8. Hello Carol,
    What size did you order for that Garment-dyed Drawstring Shirtdress? I'm considering it but concerned it may wrinkle easily.