Thursday, August 16, 2012


TGFN? Thank God for Nordstrom.

I was bored. SO BORED. These last couple weeks have elicited well...lukewarm responses to everything. I would flick through my favorite retail websites, blogs, and magazines in desultory fashion, waiting for something to remind me I have a pulse.

And you know what? Nothing. Zero. A big fat "meh." I went to the mall, sans children on the weekend, determined to find a fun summer dress and reboot my enthusiasm for pretty things. But after two hours, I came away, bored and empty-handed. It was awful. The best I could do was lament to Kathryn about my overwhelming ennui and then do other things. Things not having to do with clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

I know. It's like this giant chasm opened up in my life.

And then, today I picked up my mail as I came in from work. Hidden amidst the junk mail and random bits and pieces was the Nordstrom August 2012 catalog. And as I flipped through it, my eyes lit on these:

It's okay. They're real. Take a breath. See? Still there.

Aren't they gorgeous?

The catalog, despite it's unlikely cover is full of gorgeous things that have me exclaiming out loud. It's just fantastic stuff. For instance:

1. Sanctuary 'Claudia' Skirt (Soft pink tiered scalloped lace? *happy sigh*)
2. Maison Scotch Sequin Collar Dobby Shirt (I love the sequined collar - such a fun detail.)
3. 7 For All Mankind 'The Skinny' Print Jeans (In the catalog, these brocade-printed jeans are paired with the sequin collared top. Super cute.)
4. Rachel Roy 'Gardner' Pump (I don't need yet another pair of stiletto pumps. Except, maybe I do? Checkout these knockout colors here)
5. Trina Turk 'Femme Fatale' Blouse (I've been waiting for the perfect peplum top, and while I was really tempted by the J. Crew Collection version that came out last year, the price point was too high and by the time it went on sale, I wasn't entirely convinced I wanted it. This one, however, with it's gathered neckline and more neutral colors may be just the top I've been waiting for!)
6. Gibson Equestrian Blazer (Love that burgundy color and the price is great - oh, and the back of it? Terrific detail!)
7. Free People Floral Cardigan (There's something slightly "Coldwater Creek" about this cardigan, but I love it anyway, especially styled as it is in the catalog, with a chambray shirt and skinny jeans.)
8. Kate Spade 'Maria' Dress (Sorry. I keep getting distracted by polka dots.)

The following aren't in the catalog, but I came across them while I was *ahem* researching some of the catalog items on Nordstrom's website. So you know...bonus!

9. Ted Baker London Tiered Chiffon Top (Okay, there are a lot of cute peter pan collared tops out there this season. But I think this one is my favorite yet. It's a little pricey, but oh! I'm worried it'll sell out in my size before it hits sale. I hate it when I'm confronted with these very difficult decisions. #firstworldproblems)
10. Miu Miu T-Strap Pump (It's like Miu Miu took last year's Mary Jane and added a t-strap and another couple bows layered on top of the first one. I'm not complaining. ^_-)
11. Kate Spade 'Reanna' Sandal (Is it weird that I kinda love these? I mean, seriously, where would I wear a slightly glittery feathered t-strap pump? But um...they're fabulous and well, what woman can't use a little fabulous in her life?)
12. RED Valentino Peep-toe Sandal (I love the swiss-dotted leather! I love how these shoes straddle the line between whimsical and sleek. I can't decide which pair I want more. The glittery pink mary janes pictured above? Or swiss dotted leather? Glittery pink? Swiss dotted leather? Gah, how's a woman to choose? I'll just have to get them both. *innocent whistling*)

So, what about you? What's been making your heart pitter-pat lately?


  1. Sequins and bows make everything better, haha!

  2. Those shoes are DIVINE - seriously, prettiest EVER - too bad they'd need to cost about half of what they do for me to even daydream about them!

  3. I love the Trina Turk and Ted Baker tops. I think you need both ... they balance each other out so perfectly. ;)

  4. I stumbled across your blog and I know exactly what you are talking about - my husband thinks the problem is more that I just need to stop shopping - shopping in stores, shopping online, reading shopping forums, shopping blogs (I am yet to start my own - I'm a bit scared of feeding the monster to be honest!)

    But I wanted to say, oh. my. Those shoes are so fabulous!

    Sometimes I am glad that we don't have a Nordstrom over here and I will just pretend not to notice that they now ship to Australia...

  5. Hi! I've come across your blog a few times through EA and I have to say, I totally feel the same boredom with things i've been seeing in the stores lately. And Fall is usually the season that gets me most psyched because of all the variety in the stores! BUT I do love your Nordstrom picks - especially the equestrian blazer and the maison scotch shirt, which I might have to diy...thanks for sharing!

    rome of two boroughs