Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catch-ups, Top-offs, and Other News

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been away so long - I was at this amazing week-long training for Vocal Awareness (which I'll talk about more in a future post), and between the 8-hour sessions, homework, keeping up with some projects at work, and just spending time developing friendships with some of my classmates (for lack of a better word), I just couldn't find the time - or the energy - to write a post, try as I might. 

Still, it was a really great week. I really needed it.

Okay, but let's get on to some fun news - Topshop, the British clothing line, has come to Nordstrom! Select stores around the country are now actually carrying the line (in Orange County, my favorite South Coast Plaza is one of them!) and of course, you can also buy online from Nordy's website. Browsing the selection, I found this little frock:

And along with that, a few more promising selections:

1. Topshop Skater Dress (such an easy, wearable dress - and what a great price!)
2. Topshop Rib Pleated Skater Dress (gorgeous color and it'll look amazing with layers)
3. Topshop 'Lucy' Paisley Print Skirt (such a fun skirt! I can imagine it'd go with all kinds of things - and it's machine washable. LOVE.)
4. Topshop Floral Pintuck Shirt (so sweet - I love it)
6. Topshop Mixed Media Tunic (not my usual thing, but I kind of love it. Imagine how cute it'll look with some skinny jeans!)
7. Topshop Boucle Dress
8. Topshop Embellished Collar Top (oh my gosh, I love this. LOVE. The only way I might love it more is if it were silk and not rayon. At least it's not polyester.)
9. Topshop Lace Peplum Top (Ivory lace and a peplum. Seriously, what's not to like?)
10. Topshop Oversized Plaid Sweater (I know, I know - Valerie Keaton, every Huxtable child, Samantha Micelli, and Mike Seaver all wore a version of this sweater. Which might be why it makes me smile and feel happy when I look at it, seeing as how I'm a child of the '80s. *ahem*)

I've been intrigued by mention of Topshop for years - first as a well-known fashion retailer in England, and then when it came to NYC. But for whatever reason, I've never actually even looked at Topshop's website until fairly recently. The style is definitely a bit younger and a little more urban - or street? - than I tend to favor, I find. That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing some in person, the next time I'm at South Coast Plaza and getting to know the brand a bit better.

What about you? Are you a fan of Topshop? And if so, can you share anything about fit, wear, etc?


  1. One of the retailers in Canada sells some Topshop online, but I haven't really checked it out. I guess I'm sort of of in my blinker phase of shopping, where the only way I can keep it in check is by only shopping from 2 places- anthro and JC (and ebay/etsy...ahem...) It's very tempting though!

    But in bigger news- they just announced Nordstrom is moving to Canada! woot!!

    1. I totally know what you mean (blinker phase) and I'm trying not to shop at all, really, to recover from a rash of purchases over the past couple months. That being said, wow! I had no idea that Nordstrom is expanding into Canada! What fantastic news! Yay!

  2. I love some of the items I'm seeing at Topshop including this dress you found!!
    It sounds like you had a busy but great week--so happy to hear that!!!
    Hope to hear more about what you learned at Vocal Awareness.

  3. Cute things! I wish I had a Nordstrom's near me. I like their things but some of the dresses/skirts seem too short. I like them to at least the top of my knee. I like to try things on though and without a store near me to do so, I probably wouldn't risk shipping costs.

    1. Yes, I completely understand what you mean - and yes, as I mentioned in the post, Topshop does seem to favor a younger aesthetic, which usually means shorter skirts/dresses. Sometimes, being 5'2", I get away with it, because what would be a "mini" on a taller woman is actually a more suitable length on me. Oh, and I should mention, Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns, in case you did want to try some of the items. Not that I'm encouraging that, or anything. *cough-cough* *wink*

  4. The skater dresses are so cute, and I really like that embellished collar top, too. :) Interested in hearing more about the Vocal Awareness - sounds like you got a lot out of a busy week. :)