Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Fall Fancies (Rachel Zoe)

I'm terrible at "favorites." Some of the worst questions I get asked have that word in it. What's my favorite book/author/movie/designer/restaurant/food/color?

Really? With all the options in the world, with all the access we have to so much of it, living where we live (and boy, do we have access), I have to have favorites?

Take colors, for instance - how do you choose? I love colors! All colors! Browns and reds and blues and purples and golds and oranges and greens and grays and everything in between. They're all amazing - all fantastic - all beautiful beyond belief, given the right setting and context.

Still, I gotta say, I have a particular affinity for greens. And green seems to like me back pretty well. So, when I was checking out the Rachel Zoe fall selection available at Nordstrom, this outfit jumped out at me immediately:

Isn't it a dream? I blogged about the Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 collection earlier this year, and I'm super excited to see the pieces I love showing up in my favorite department stores now. Of course, most of it is beyond the reach of my budget, but who knows - if I exercise the proper restraint with other stuff, maybe some of these things pretties will make it into my closet, come sale time?

A girl can hope!

Here are the other things I'm dying over (oh fall weather, won't you come soon?):

1. Rachel Zoe 'Kasia' Sweater Dress (did I mention I love purples too?)
2. Rachel Zoe 'Daphne' Leather Jacket (oh, my RZ Sullivan jacket is super similar to this and I wore it so much all through the winter and early spring! This jacket is probably just as supremely wearable - and that color! *swoon*)
3. Rachel Zoe 'Dean' Silk Blouse (well, you goes with that sweater dress and that leather jacket...)
4. Rachel Zoe 'Alice' Lace Gown (I wish I had a red carpet to walk down somewhere. I'd wear this and have my own "Angelina's Right Leg" moment. Only, it'd be Carol's right leg. Which is probably not the same thing at all...but what the heck. This is my red carpet fantasy, right?)
5. Rachel Zoe 'Marina' Blouse (speaking of gorgeous greens...)
6. Rachel Zoe 'Woody' Blouse (and oh, this blue! It's ridiculously pretty.)

On a totally unrelated note (I am masterful in the use of the non sequitur), my thoughts are with our neighbors in the Mississippi Gulf states, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. While the devastation isn't nearly as spectacular as that of Katrina, seven years ago, homes, businesses, and even lives have been lost to flooding caused by Isaac. The Red Cross is seeking donations to help support its relief efforts which are expected to last for several weeks. After a rough summer of responding to wildfires, power outages, and floods, Red Cross resources are stretched thin and every small contribution can help ease the burdens of those caught in the crosshairs of circumstance. If you'd like to help, you can donate here.

Hoping you're all having an otherwise safe, fun, and happy start to your Labor Day Weekend!


  1. I'm loving that green jacket. I totally share your love for the colour green. Its such a dynamic colour and I think its one of those colours that just look great on everyone. I'm especially lusting after that green jacket in the picture^^

  2. What a gorgeous picture!! I love it. And totally agree that there are too many choices to pick just one favorite....I love all colors too :)