Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Oh Dear God..." (J. Crew Promo)

Those are the words that fell out of my mouth when I opened the email announcing J. Crew's current 25% off + Free Shipping promotion for orders of $150 or more that's going on now 'til Sunday (use promo code: STYLE25).

Why is J. Crew so mean nice to us? *ahem*

(And here I was, thinking I had been doing so awesomely well exercising restraint, etc...)

Some other things that might be making their way into my shopping cart *cough* I might be browsing...

1. Blythe Blouse in Polka Dot (a nice, understated polka dot top, if you're wanting a little something-something, without a whole lotta BAM. You know. Like that. ^_-)
2. Tissue Turtleneck Tee in Stripe (for layering when the weather gets cooler. Someday. *sigh*)
3. Peter Pan Collar Tee or Sweater (So cute. I love them. A little twee, but I don't care. You can't stop me.)
4. Cambridge Cable Turtleneck Sweater (There's something so classic-old-timey-J. Crew-like-when-I-was-an-undergrad-in-college-in-the-'90s-and-couldn't-afford-J. Crew-but-dreamed-about-being-able-to-someday about this that I can't resist it. Now if only they'd bring back the fisherman and roll-neck sweaters too...)
5. Collection Jewel-Collared Schoolboy Blazer (Deliciously wacky and playful. I mean, c'mon - a classic menswear-plaid wool with a sparkly jeweled collar? It just makes me smile.)
6. Hacking Jacket in Herringbone (I adore the dusty jade color. So pretty!)
7. Cafe Capri (I've been a big fan of the Minnie, but I love the warm jade in this one - and it's on sale! A girl's gotta love a bit of sale-on-sale, right?)
8. Bow Collar Necklace (Pretty and sparkly! A great accent piece.)
9. Nora Cap-toe Chain Ballet Flats (how pretty is that blush color?)
10. Everly Suede Pumps (I want one of each color!)
11. Pleated Skirt in Color-block Crepe (A not-so-basic staple for fall/winter. What's not to like?)

So...will you be taking advantage of the J. Crew promo? And if so, what are you springing for?


  1. I was so excited when I saw the J. Crew promo this morning. I have a few things on my want list but since I'm heading to the city(I live in a small town) and will be paying a visit to the J. Crew store, I want to wait to try a few items on in store and hopefully they have some good sales there too.

  2. Somehow the gods must have been listening to us! Last week I bit the bullet and got the wool cafe capri retro jade (a beautiful color), 2 tippis one in pale pink and one in green with the pink heart on it. However I'm disappointed with the fit of the cafe capri I think the wool is too itchy and the rise too low for me :( I think I might have to order the Blythe blouse in polka-dots because who can resist that shirt? It's very versatile.

  3. I've resisted looking at the JC site so far today. Trying to be good ...

    1. Lisa, you are a stronger woman than me.

  4. Like Lisa, I have resisted so far. I bought a couple of things when they sent out the 25% off for cardholders a few weeks back, including the peter pan collar tee (which won't ship until Nov).

  5. Restraint is not in my vocabulary, apparently. I caved to the Peter Pan sweater...don't you own the Sidestep skirt? I think it will be really cute with that, forget twee, I'm going for Catholic school girl! And I took a chance on the chevron sequin tee - I think it looked killer on Rosilyn and Pink Peonies, hoping I can pull it off!

  6. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the promo in my email inbox this morning -- regular and sale items at 25% off? There were so many items that I knew would never go on sale that I couldn't help myself and I went a little crazy. I ordered a couple of the items that you listed (though in different colors): the Hacking jacket (cream black) and the Cambridge cable turtleneck in ivory.

  7. Darn! I just bought this orange blazer: Do you think they'll adjust the price for me? At least I used my 15% student discount... :) Kate