Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer's Second Wind (Madewell Wishlist)

It's been hot around these parts. Really hot. This last weekend, we saw record temps here in San Diego, with mercury creeping up to 107º F in Carmel Valley and Rancho Penasquitos. Yesterday, the words, "Oh, it's only going to be 92º today!" actually came out of my mouth.

We're not talking Orange County or Palm Springs, or even San Fernando Valley here, people. We're talking about San Diego - home of the some of the most temperate temperatures in the whole country! Last Friday, at around 10 AM, we got a call from Rowan's school, informing us that since the school is not equipped with A/C, we could come and pick up kids early should we be concerned about possible health risks due to the heat. It was a reverse-snow day.

To be sure, things are not so bad right now. We've got a forecast for temps in the high '80s and low '90s for the rest of this week, so the heat is at least bearable. Of course, it's still way too warm for outfits like this:

Despite that, I can't help day-dreaming about it. And while I wasn't completely bowled over by Madewell's Fall Catalog, there are some great things in their current transitional fall roll-out. (Some of them could even be worn now, in this heat!) These for instance:

1. Silk Hourglass Top (So effortlessly pretty, whether paired with slacks, jeans, or a skirt.)
2. Sessun Gloria Tie-Front Blouse (I love these colors and print. Gorgeous!)
3. Sessun Capricorn Printed Dress (Oh, I love this!)
4. Attic and Barn Elide Shirtdress (slightly less expensive at Farfetch.com - Madewell link here)
5. Sheepmeadow Sweater (I actually like this critter sweater better than J. Crew's French hen sweater)
6. Softshade Sweatshirt Dress (I want to use this to recreate a version of this Kendi/Fossil look from last fall. Speaking of - does anyone else wish Fossil would just re-release that whole line?)
7. Linemaker Tee (Because a person just can't have enough striped tees...and, erm, this one has a different neckline from my other ones...)
8. Floral Songbird Dress (I already have the Stucco Striped version of this dress, but there's something so sweet about this floral print...)
9. Bow Sweater (I want to throw this on over a pair of cords and a tank/tee/button-down shirt throughout the cold weather months. Adorable.)

To be honest, I haven't done a lot of fall fashions shopping yet. This heat is such a deterrent and who wants to pay full price for something you can't put on right away? What about you? Are you getting more seasonally appropriate weather in your parts?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. So. Hot. I'm in Orange County and we've been dying, but crazy that San Diego is that way as well! We had a (lovely) overcast morning here this morning, but sadly I think it will be in the upper 80s or low 90s by this afternoon. I'm wearing a light sweater anyway - I don't care at this point - I'll sweat it out if it means I can start wearing my fall clothes. :)


  2. Love the Sessun pieces! So elegant and retro; they remind me of styles one might see in a midcentury period-movie - I'm thinking Tree of Life. The small, floaty print on the blouse is sort of like the pajama trend that's emerging right now, but much more wearable. And YES, I've loved Fossil in recent seasons! I love a pair of hybrid flats/buckle loafers(?) I got from them last year.

  3. OMG that polkda dot blazer is my fave!!!!!! O.O WANT!!!!!!! katejones.me

  4. I hope the Blazer trend never leaves us. Its timeless--especially with polka dots!XD

  5. their stuff is so good. i am happy it is still warm where i am too :D


  6. That spotted blazer is so tempting - and add "sweatshirt" to "dress" and immediately I want it!