Monday, December 3, 2012

An Interlude (Family OOTDs)

Kate doing the cha-cha:

Rowan getting another perspective:

Kisses from my sweetie:

Shoes: Hunter 'Original Gloss' Rain Boot (Big Kids' size 6 - grown up sizes here and here)
Necklace: Cara Accessories necklace, Nordstrom (similar herehere, and here)

Holidays mean holiday cards (I've ordered mine from Minted for the past three years and they're always beautiful - I highly recommend them), and I've been lucky enough to have a talented photographer friend, Haseeb Omar, take our family photos for me both this and last year. I love them so much, I just had to share a few with you before they go to print.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day - thanks for stopping by!


  1. SUCH great photos. Love the color combos and the rain boots!

  2. Thanks Carol! I will photograph your family WHENEVER YOU WANT. You guys are a killer combination of easy on the eyes, and full of character. And I feel it's important to add -- the styling was perfect!

  3. awww...such adorable photo's Carol!! Especially the last shot is too precious!!!

  4. Oh Carol, you look so lovely in your pretty outfit!! And oh how your kids have grown. Kate looks so grown up and Rowan too!!

  5. awwww.. your kids are so cute! And your check shirt x skirt outfit is so pretty!!

  6. SO. Freaking. ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  7. Well done Haseeb Omar! Thanks for the Christmas card, Carol. It's the highlight of the holiday mail because in France, they don't send cards for Christmas but for New Year. So I always look forward to getting yours (and it feels so special, because it comes all the way from California, from family and because nothing beats getting real mail). Then I take it into work and show all my colleagues how beautiful your family is and that the American greeting card tradition rocks!