Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Blame Anne (Trench Coats)

I blame France too. France with all its chic and coiffed women running about in the striped shirts and trench coats. And of course, England where the darn things were first made. I definitely blame England. I also blame the fact that San Diego has had a fairly overcast and even rainy week or so.

But mostly, I blame Anne:

Oh, and maybe her Grace, the Duchess of Cambridge too:

I've resisted the fascination of trench coats for a long time - mostly because I'm short and small boned, and trench coats always made me feel like a tent on legs. But ever since I saw the photo of Anne's outfit (and then came across this Kate outfit), I've been a little obsessed. I think I might need a trench coat. A proper trench coat. One that fits me well, and doesn't make me feel like I'm a walking tent.

And oh, when I look online at all the possibilities (because there really are quite a few), my eyes keep being riveted by the BBB (Big British Brand) Burberry.  The structured shoulders and well-cut silhouettes keep me thinking that maybe one of these will work for me. The only problem? Some of them cost as much as a mortgage payment! Sheesh.

Anyway, a woman can dream. Here are the ones I'm sighing over:

1. Burberry London Gabardine Trenchcoat (Let's start with a mid-length coat - while this hits at the top of the model's thighs, it's nearly guaranteed to hit me a couple inches above the knee. Very classic. Very pricey.)
2. Burberry Prorsum Belted Twill Trench Coat (I love the trim, neat look of this one. But it's quite a bit more than the first. Wish I could figure out why...)
3. Burberry Brit Honey Cotton Trench Coat (And despite all my talk of wanting something that will fit me well, I can't help but long for...well, the longer version. I mean, it's so super spy! And closer to Anne's version. All of this despite the fact that it would be practically tea-length on me. Sigh.)
4. Lacoste Cropped Mack Trench Jacket (Not at all what I had in mind originally, but oh my goodness, so cute!)
5. Banana Republic Classic Trench (Quite similar to the Burberry versions, and there's a petite version available. Looks promising!)
6. Merona Water Repellant Classic Trench Coat (So cute and on sale, which makes this totally reasonable, price-wise. But also probably too big for me. *sad face*)
7. Club Monaco Harper Trench (Another very classic look, with a bigger collar. Priced in between the BR and lower end Burberry coats.)

Trench coats also come in leather (the palest pink! Oh, I die!), wool, silk, and fur (???). And you can find them in an array of colors, including navy, red, coral, orange, yellow, green, purple, and of course, the ubiquitous black. Not to mention plaids, prints, tweeds, puffers (!!!), and flocked fabrics (omg, so cute!) as well.

So - tell me. Are you part of the trench coat club? What sort do you wear?


  1. My vote is for Banana Republic. I own two of them and they are amazing - well-made and expensive-looking. I wear my tan one the most and it always makes me look nicely pulled together, even if I'm just wearing it over jeans. Go for it! Totally classic.

  2. Love the trench coat look too!
    But they're not practical for my cold, rainy weather. I need something warmer and with a hood for our Nova Scotian winters. I love Ilse Jacobsen rain gear: stylish yet practical. Leave it to the Danes :) http://www.ilsejacobsen.dk/?pid=3&sub=24&art=Rain06_41_Army

  3. Hi, I vote for anything burberry...only because they will alter it for you free of charge, if bought from the boutique.

    I have had my sleeve shorten...my friend has have the length and arms shorten. they might sure you are happy w/ the purchase and fits you to the T.

    have fun! trenches are so classic and timeless, i am sure you won't regret the purchase

  4. I have a Burberry winter coat in a wool cashmere trench, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I wish I didn't spend so much money, but compared to other wool coats out there (yes, I STILL look and check to see if mine is nicer or not), I can't imagine buying those over what I have right now. I even wrap it tight around myself and belt it without doing up the buttons, or I wear it open with a button done up on the lapel on either side.

    I'd love to get a camel or a lighter beige trench coat for Autumn, but I am not willing to fork over $2000 again.

  5. Oooh, a trench is a must!! I am ridiculously in loooooove with my J Crew trench...

  6. I love trench coats and my pick is Soia & Kyo or Mackage. They're not quite as classic as Burberry (or as expensive, which is a bonus!), they're coats with a twist (which I like), but they're not super-trendy either.

  7. Agh, I want a trench coat so badly!!!


  8. I'm 5'1" and got the J.Crew Icon Trench in size 0 in the light khaki shade. It fits quite well. The fabric is substantial (more so than the Banana Republic one) and it has a cute rounded collar. The only quibble I have with it is that the sleeves are a tiny bit wide on me down at the wrists. But I got mine on Ebay for about $150 and am really pleased with the quality and fit overall. My coat is probably about 2-3 years old in terms of J.Crew releases though, so not sure if they've vanity-sized this coat since then.

  9. sale over at the burberry site started today...maybe you will see something you like!

  10. At 5'1 and 1115lbs I'm also on the petite-side. I live in SF and I LOVE trench coats. For a long time I was wearing ones that "kinda" fit from retailers like BR and Jcrew that I have had tailored at for the sleeve length, but the shoulders and bust darts never looked quite right. I never bought a Burberry one b/c the buttons were always set too far apart so that even if you had the sleeves tailored, the bust part would never look right.
    That is until...I found this Burberry London trench: http://us.burberry.com/store/trench-coats/womens-trench-coats/london/prod-38073171-mid-length-cotton-gabardine-trench-coat/

    The Burberry associate told me that they have been asking for slimmer-cut for years and Burberry finally made one for the London line. They had been making slimmer cuts for the Brit line. I had been waiting for this b/c if I'm going to shell out for Burberry then I wanted Burberry London + the right fit.

    This is the "Queenhouse" cut and it's made in the honey colored and the leather trimmed. While I love the leather trimmed one, it's not as versatile as the classic one. I hunted the classic one down at a department store (saks) and got it on sale so I saved 40%. I recommend that if you find a burberry trench that you like write down the name and style # of the trench as listed on the burberry website and search for it in dept stores b/c dept stores (like saks, bloomies, nordstroms) often have either sales or promotions. ik have found that the dept stores list the names of burberry trenches differently from Burberry.com so I would call to confirm the burberry style #.

    I bought my trench about 1 month ago, got the sleeves tailored at saks, and it fits perfectly. I've worn in almost every day since and get tons of compliments. It's a very versatile piece--I can wear it over a suit and it looks business appropriate or I can wear it over jeans or skinny pants and it still looks great. This is the first outrageously expensive piece of clothing that I have ever bought for myself, but when I see how much I use this trench it has made me a believer in investment piece dresssing.

    Always enjoy reading your blog.
    Happy holidays!

    1. funny you have mentioned queenhouse! because I just received my queenland w/ blue fox collar today from burberry! it's the same cut as the queenhouse, but the length is few inches shorter!

      I also live in SF!

  11. I'm petite too (5'2) 108 lb and I tried on Burberry four years ago and it overwhelmed my small frame so I just gave up on them at that point. I bought the J Crew icon trench last year and love it. A fraction of the price of Burberry and it fits beautifully and the fabric is of a high quality.

    1. Hi, I am about your size. May I know what size did you get for your J Crew trench? Size 0 or 2? Do you usually wear it with layers of clothes? Looking forward to get your feedback as I am eager to get mine soon. :) Thank you.

  12. Brooks Brothers always has a number of nicely made trenches. I am 5 2 and the Regular fit me well, although they also have petites....Love your blog!

  13. Absolutely!!!! but not just because i live in France! Every French woman has a classic trench coat. It makes even the most banal outfit look instantly chic and pulled together. Buy buy buy...it's an investment, after all! J'aime le trench!!

  14. my vote is for Burberry cotton trench coat.trench coat style is suit for everyone & you can wear it everywhere. you should try short & knee length trench coat...it looks nice to you. i like to wear trench coat over jeans & skirts also.classic trench coats are timeless...so you should go for it!

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