Friday, December 28, 2012

Pretty Party Dresses (Wishlist)

Happy holidays, everyone! In classic childhood fashion, I wanna know - what'd you get?

Most of you know what I got (and I went with the grape since I have to agree it might be the more practical choice - and it happens to be a super pretty color). My handbag is on its way to me. I got so busy right before Christmas that I forgot to order it, and well, now I have to wait a bit.

I don't mind so much, though - there's nothing like drawing out the holidays, right? 

I also have two parties to go to (a wedding and a work-sponsored holiday party - the company I work for likes to do ours in January) over the next three weeks, and while I'll probably wear something I already own, I decided I could just look. "For fun." You know...

I've been nursing a healthy obsession with stripes and striped dresses. This Kate Spade frock hits all the right party-notes with its fitted waist, flared skirt, glossy sheen, and oh gosh, I think I love it.

I don't need a new dress. I don't need a new dress. I don't need a new dress.

Did anyone else notice that if you were to knock the last two letters off its name, it would be the "Carol" dress?


Okay, so in case anyone else is looking for a pretty party dress (oh, lucky, lucky you!) here are some other numbers that have caught my eye in recent days:

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Pandora Dress (Okay, let's talk turkey here. This dress? It's too pricey for me. It's SO fuschia. Those ruffles might eat their wearer. It's polyester, for goodness' sake! And despite all that, I love it. It fills my heart with a brimming-over-with-delight sort of happiness that I can't even begin to describe. It's completely impractical, as it's very strictly a going-out-party-dress and I have no idea how you can turn it into anything else. And still...still...well, if I won the lottery, you'd have to look out. Not that I'd be easy to miss, wearing that.)
2. Madewell Silk Swingdot Strapless Dress (I love the way strapless dresses look, but being as flat as a board as I don't have a lot to hold them up, they're not usually my favorite. Still, this sweet little dress would be perfect paired with basically any color cardigan - something cozy with tights for winter and something light and bare legs for warmer months.)
3. Falling Wing Dress (There's something so delicate and dainty about this dress without being overly precious - I really, really like it. The beaded belt with which its styled on the product page gives it the perfect accent. Super pretty.)
4. J. Crew Jules Dress in Scroll Print (I love the sophisticated silhouette and look-at-me! brightness of this dress. Also, you can probably eat in it comfortably. The Collection botanical print version is also beautiful.)
5. Alice + Olivia Elise Metallic Tweed Dress (I love the cap sleeves, I love the structured cut, and I love the shimmery gold tweed. This is a really playful take on an otherwise very conservative dress.)
6. Tracy Reese "Michelle" Dress (The nation - well, half of it, anyway - took a collective gasp when they first laid eyes on this gorgeous masterpiece by Tracy Reese. If you feel up to rocking some FLOTUS style, then this is the way to go. Beautiful.)
7. Tracy Reese Floral Print Peplum Dress (I've been looking at this dress online for the past month. Something about the print and the colors and the shapes - all kinds of good going on here. And did I mention the strategically placed peplum that's long enough to cover one's tummy, allowing one to eat? And the dress looks like it'd play nicely in an office setting, when paired with a cardigan or a blazer.)

So, are there any more holiday fĂȘtes left on your calendar? What are you wearing?


  1. The Kate Spade is classic (but so classic I'm afraid you must have something similar?!) but I think the Tracy Reese floral peplum is something special! Very different and yet quietly pretty!

    I have no more parties, alas, which is sad since so many party dresses are on sale right now! I will wear something fun on new years, but we stay home and order in, so nothing too impractical!

    I got a lot of beautiful sweaters for Christmas, but I'm also looking forward to receiving my present to myself- after years of hunting I finally snagged a Kate Spade Violetta dress on ebay!!!

  2. I really like both #3 and #4 (in both prints). No need for a party dress here, but it's always fun to browse through your picks! :)

  3. I can totally see you wearing the striped Kate Spade dress. I think it would look amazing on you!!! I hope you get it :) Happy Holidays Carol!!

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