Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things Made From Yarn (Wishlist)

There's nothing I love giving as a gift for the holidays like a sweater. For some reason, sweaters just shout, "Wintery-Wonderful-Goodness!" at me, as I walk past them. So, what am I supposed to do? How do you ignore that?

(My current sweater-obsession)

The truth is, as much as I love giving sweaters as holiday gifts, I also love wearing them. Here are a few favorites that I've come across during my holiday gift hunting:

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Floral Print Sweater (There's something so delicate and pretty about this sweater. I'm not convinced it'll provide much warmth, but I don't think I care...)
2. RED Valentino Ribbon and Bow Cardigan (There are a lot of embellished cardigans out there, and to be honest, lately the vast majority of them have been boring me. But this one - there's something about it that catches my eye. Too bad the price catches my breath.)
3. Free People Flower Power Cardi (I have a feeling that I might look like I'm wearing a rose-patterned blanket in this, but I love it anyway. I can't choose between the mulberry or black color schemes...which one???)
4. Madewell Jackalope Sweater (For a healthy dose of holiday whimsy, take a peak at this sweater. There's something about the antlers that make me think of reindeer. Not that I actually know the difference between reindeer antlers and antelope antlers.)
5. J. Crew Colorblock Wool Turtleneck Sweater (I don't know what it is about this sweater, but every time I'm in the store, I walk up to it and touch it. My eyes seek it out and fix on it from across the room. I never actually convince myself to go farther - I don't try it on. I certainly haven't purchased it yet. But I'm obviously drawn to it. And I rather imagine that before the month is out, this sweater will be mine. It's like we're having a drawn out flirtation with each other. Yes, I did just type that. I am, apparently, have an affaire de coeur with a sweater.)
6. J. Crew Collection Cashmere Ribbed Sweater (I like a nice, substantial cashmere sweater, and too often these days, cashmere feels...flimsy. I've not actually encountered this sweater in person so can't be sure, but it looks sturdy enough, doesn't it? And the ribbed neckline is a lovely added detail. On sale + up to 30% off right now makes it dreadfully tempting...)
7. J. Crew Giant Bow Sweater (I am absolutely in love with J. Crew's sweaters this year. This is another one that was catching my eye every time I came into the store. I actually pulled the trigger on this one. Love it. Love, love, love.)
8. J. Crew Take A Bow Sweater (I saw this one in-store in the grey+black colorway, and it's seriously too cute. I want, I want, I want!)

What about you? Are you a sweater-fiend in the cooler winter months? Which have you been snapping up?


  1. I swear I had a dress in the 80s like that free people cardigan...and I still want it! Cute!

    I'm drawn to sweaters this time of year, but I hardly wear them. Can't help putting a few on my wishlist though...

  2. Now this is called maximum utilization of yarn so beautifully. These all items are in my wishlist too and really want to get my hands on this before the arrival of winter.

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