Thursday, January 24, 2013

Caped Cute-sader (Ms. Deschanel)

Okay, okay, lame title, I know. But look! Look at this:

Yes, you're welcome.

I've already got a cape in my closet, and I don't wear it enough to feel like a second is warranted, but the color - oh, that color! - is giving me second thoughts. (Not to mention third, fourth, and fifth ones....) 

Full disclosure - I love the idea of capes. But the reality of them is an entirely different thing. They're not as warm as you'd expect. I think this has to do with the fact that there are no sleeves and that there's a lot of access for cold air (drafty!) due to the wide bottom. Also, if you get the wrong one, it'll make you look like you're 1) wearing a blanket or 2) wearing a costume.

There's a tricksy fine line you have to walk when wearing a cape.

That being said - they're also super fun and can be a super chic way to top an outfit (see Ahn in her Stella McCartney trench cape here - though, is it really a cape if it has sleeves?).

In case you feel inspired by Zooey's ridiculously cute 'New Girl' wardrobe, but aren't sure about the versatility of a bright jewel-toned pink or feel daunted by the sticker price, here are a few other capes you might want to consider (most are on sale, too):

1. Kenneth Cole Hooded Cape (very cute and an amazing deal)
2. Jucca Cape (not sure how warm it'll be, but cute!)
3. Orange Buckle Cape Coat (like a vintage store find!)
4. AE Hooded Toggle Cape (Wish this was still available in more sizes...)
5. Women's Reversible Cape (I feel like the Von Trapp kids were wearing these as they fled the Nazis...amiright?) 
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Forest Camo Cape (I just had to throw this one in there, for you really chic forest rangers/wood elves/Rebel Alliance member hanging out on Endor. ^_-)

And these are neither affordable or even necessarily practical, but if we all won the lottery, we could all have this ivory wool one by Marni, this rugged hooded version by Burberry, and this odd but intriguing ruffled one from Dolce & Gabbana.

What do you think? Would you try a cape?


  1. The Jucca one is cute! It will have to stay in my dream closet for now - I'm pretty sure I'd get some strange looks here if I sported a cape. :)

  2. She looks like she forgot her skirt in that picture! The cape is a lovely colour though. I still wear my old capelet from Anthropologie, the yellow/grey/white one. It is warm on the body but has 3/4 sleeves so requires a long sleeved top and gloves!


  3. I really do love capes. My few of my friends think they look outdated or snobby but I dont' care. Love them. They're so dainty and elegant, and Zoey's rockin' it. I dont' know if I could put it off though. Have you seen the green cape Leighton Meester wore on Gossip Girl in season 3? I was in love with that outfit.<3

  4. Since I'm petite, I generally shy away from capes, fearing that they make me look boxy and reallllly young. Still, I can't help loving them!! DId you see this cute blouse from Corey Lynn Calter? SUPER CUTE!! :D

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