Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Finally Happened... (Kate Spade)

There's a "Carol" dress at Kate Spade. And no, it's not just a dress that I want and I'm calling it a "Carol" dress just because I love it so much.

Kate Spade actually named a dress, "Carol:"

Which means I'm totally allowed, right?

Speaking of Kate Spade, have you seen the post-holiday, new arrivals? There are a just a handful catching my eye:

1. Bradie Dress (Lately, I've found my taste in clothes leaning towards less embellishment than more. This simple, high-waisted sheath dress with it's beaded collar hits all my sweet spots - easy, sophisticated shape, always elegant black color, and the just-right amount of detail on the attached collar.)
2. Neal Dress (This is an adorable little day dress - pretty much perfect for any of the usual "occasions" of my life, including work, church, dinners out, and family get-togethers. Cheerful print and whimsical peter pan collar - love it!)
3. 'Meri' Sweater in Mondrian (This sweater, inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, walks a fine line between totally fun and fabulous and '80s Cosby Sweater. I can't decide which it actually is. When I see it on its own, I'm underwhelmed. But styled so with the dark skinny jeans, classic pumps, and a playful necklace, it's pretty great! May have to sale-stalk this one.)
4. Deco Lora Dress (I don't know if this is actually a "new arrival," but I've only just noticed it, so we'll pretend it is. I love the less structured look of this drop-waist, sleeveless shirt dress, though I did notice that in this product page, it looks definitely fit-and-flare, which is...weird, right? Not sure how it's supposed to go, exactly. This is one I'll need to try on to figure out how it's actually fits. Hoping it's the former and not the latter.)

I have to say that after the shopping-frenzy of the holidays, I've been feeling a bit burnt out. Also, this time of year is always a little awkward, fashion-wise - nothing terribly fresh or interesting in the stores yet, lots of awkwardly unseasonal "resort" wear on display (which also just serves to remind me that I don't live the lifestyle that allows me to take off for more tropical climes for a couple weeks), and a holiday-fatigued bank account. 

Despite this, I did manage to pick up a Diamond Lambswool Sweater (in brown) on super sale at my local J. Crew, after my Day of Service event this past weekend (which went great! See photos from it here). I'm determined to wear it this week, despite the mid-70's to low-80's forecast we have for San Diego.

And then, of course, there's the Carol Dress. Which...well, I really think I ought to have, don't you?

How's the weather where you are? And what goodies do you have your eye on?


  1. Well if it wasn't so amazing I'd say you might not be allowed. But it's so pretty and would look so great on you!

  2. oh, I think any time any piece of clothing is named for you it's an automatic YES! I thought the black and yellow bird dress at anthro was for me because the first time I saw it there was a cute little Sariah tag hanging out. I contemplated changing my name then and there!

    You will look awesome in the Carol dress!

    And the Mondrian sweater is killin' me!

  3. Carol dress says, "Carol, you need to buy me and wear me out somewhere nice, like to afternoon tea."

  4. That Carol dress needs to be in your closet. It's a must. :)
    The other picks are adorable as well! Adding them immediately to my dream closet. ;) I'm thinking that the Deco Lora dress looks so different because in one of the product photos, the model has her hands in the pockets and the fabric seems bunched in front so that it hangs differently.

  5. I saw this one in the store and fell in love! Absolutely love everything about this dress! Try it on, and if it fits, BUY IT!!! :D

  6. If Kate Spade named a pretty dress like that "Dajana," you bet your arse I'd buy it! (:

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