Friday, January 25, 2013

My Latest Crush (Ted Baker)

A few days ago, I was writing quite confidently about my decided disinterest in shopping in general. I was suffering, I think, from a severe case of fashion ennui.

Which has been entirely cured by Ted Baker London. We could all pretend it's a miracle (*snort*) but really? All you need to do is look at this:

(Which I may have totally impulse-purchased. Eeee!)

And that isn't all! Check out the following for some serious closet-candy (the kind that could leave cavities in your wallet *ahem*):

1. Ted Baker Print Tunic Dress (I love a good shift dress - I find them surprisingly flattering considering the fact that they seem so shapeless, they're very versatile - can often be easily dressed up or down with the change of accessories and shoes - and really so comfy. This one's colors and prints make it great for a variety of seasons.)
2. Ted Baker Lace Minidress (Here's a fun take on the LBD. I've been steering pretty clear of the lace dress thing this past year, since I have the Unconditional Osier Dress in my closet, but I'm wondering if maybe there's room for a second...)
3. Ted Baker Embellished Fit and Flare Dress (This dress just takes my breath away. So lovely.)
4. Ted Baker Stretch Knit Sheath Dress (So perfect for day-to-evening dressing. Simple with just the amount of detail to add interest. Throw on a cardigan and polished flats for the office. Swap out the cardi for a statement necklace and the flats for pumps for dinner and drinks later.)
5. Ted Baker Double Breasted Trench Coat (Seriously so cute. Love the flared bottom half.) 
6. Ted Baker Cameo Printed Top (I love the whimsy of this little sweater/blouse. Adorable dressed up for work or down for the weekend.)
7. Ted Baker Embellished Collar Dress (There's something so striking about this dress - I really really wish it weren't sold out in my size. Gorgeous.)
8. Travers Bowler Bag (Great color, good size, nice pockets.)

Ah, Ted Baker. I think I might ♥ you.


  1. Oh swell- *thanks a lot*, I really * needed !* a new brand to drool over! Love the London sweater dress and abanet boots!!

    1. I know - I'm such a bad friend. I saw that sweater dress AND the boots - *happy sigh.*

  2. Ted Baker has really cute things, but I'm iffy on the material. Most of the items you've posted are poly. I'm not sure I can justify the pricepoint, when the material is so shoddy.

  3. I love that dress....I can totally see you wearing it Carol....bad friend influence? hehe

  4. That first dress and choice #3 are my faves!! *sigh* Ted Baker makes a lot of cute items!!

  5. Lovely dress...I wish to have that dress!

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