Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcoming Miss Wu (Jason Wu's New Contemporary Line)

Many of you may know how I ♥ Jason Wu. In fact, I had the good fortune to meet him during a personal appearance event at Nordstrom Fashion Valley, here in San Diego, a couple years back. His clothes are beautiful. Feminine, gorgeously cut and constructed - just really, really lovely.

And also, pretty much impossible to acquire within the limitations of my budget. For example, this (I love!), this (oh, yes, please!) and this (I need a life that requires dresses like this one). At least, until now.

Jason Wu has launched a contemporary line called "Miss Wu" that is debuting exclusively at Nordstrom.

All I can say is, "Happy sighs."

There are subtle stylistic differences between the designer "Jason Wu" collection and the contemporary "Miss Wu," line. The latter is younger, more practical for day-to-day wear, and as he puts it, more "downtown." And while I absolutely adore the designer line, I recognize right away that this contemporary line would play well with the rest of my closet, in a way that the designer line would not. 

While generally speaking, my contemporary-line acquisitions are awesome sale finds (full-priced is full-on splurge-time for this gal), with some careful sequestering of my discretionary funds, I think I can definitely manage to make some Miss Wu mine.

So, for starters, I love the two outfits above. But I've also got my eye on these others:

1. Miss Wu Belted Cotton Trench Coat (I love this coat - the deep olive color and the black ribbon-like belt. Lovely!)
2. Miss Wu Floral Print Silk Dress (I love a good shift dress and this print is so great. I'm a little ambivalent about the fact that the print doesn't continue across the back, but it's a great dress nonetheless.)
3. Miss Wu 'Bella' Belted Feather Print Dress (Black and white seem to be the colors of the post-holiday season, so this dress is a playful take on that - and the pops of yellow on the feathers? Genius.)
4. Miss Wu Lace Print Silk Twill Dress (Really so pretty! Can't you see it paired with a Jackie cardigan for ladylike or maybe a longer cardi for a more librarian look? Can't you imagine wearing it to brunch or dinner or a more casual wedding?)
5. Miss Wu 'Lush' Stripe Silk Twill Skirt (I love this skirt. There are about a million and five things I could wear with it, sitting in my closet right this second. Surely that means I'm allowed?)

So, what do you think? Will you Miss Wu?


  1. Veeeeerrry nice! The striped cashmere with demure leather skirt is wonderful, and I could absolutely see you wearing this outfit...and the minty tweed is *swoon*... I love how Nordstrom flames the fans by noting the limited quantities- eeps!
    I wore my Wu Target dress a few times this summer (<3 it) but failed to take pics!!

  2. Such a pretty collection. I saw Look Book a few days ago and love the trench as well. At least the prices are in line with other premium brands so they are a tiny bit attainable on sale. Good luck scoring the perfect piece.

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