Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Current Obsession

I totally blame Ahn of 9 to 5 Chic.

I do this. (I suspect quite a few of us do this, actually.) I get totally hung up on one item - goodness knows it's something I don't really need. But it's just there, always on the tip of my consciousness, hanging out, pestering me. It's like a scratch you can't itch, so you can't get your mind off it and soon you can't think of anything else. You obsess over it, tell stories in your head about it (any of you read the "Shopaholic" books? Remember how she was always, "The girl with the green scarf?" Or "The girl in the lilac sandals?" Or whatever purchase it was she was trying to rationalize?), and then finally, cave and just buy it. 

For a while, it was like a disease - there was always the next thing, and then the next thing, and then, yes, again, the next thing.

I've been relieved lately, to find that when I'm excited about or busy with other things - non-fashion-and-style-related things that I really love (oh my gosh, what do you do if fashion is your vocation?) - then I'm much less prone to these consumerist obsessions. I can honestly say I haven't had one in months - and aside from some J. Crew sweater-related indulgences back in December and a certain Christmas present I had to have, haven't been shopping a whole lot either. 

But I gotta say, this bag is starting a carve itself a spot in my psyche and well...I kinda want to let it!

C'mon, 'fess up. What about you? What's your current obsession?


  1. I think the bag is pretty but if I can't put a bag over my shoulder (it doesn't look like the straps are long enough) so that I can have my hands free (to buy more stuff...eeks!), then I would never buy the bag no matter how gorgeous it is. It's just not practical in my life. I guess I'm just too practical!

    1. Oh, I just clicked on your link. It looks like it does have a shoulder strap. Problem solved.

  2. Rag and Bone Newbury Boots in black leatherand the Chloe Marcie Small Satchel in cashmere grey. I might buy the boots as a birthday gift to myself, but the bag will require some VERY serious saving :).

  3. i have been obsessed with belts lately! patent belts, calf hair belts, bow belts, etc. The problem is I have yet to incorporate any of them into my outfits lately, yet I keep wanting to buy more!

    On another note, I have been reading your blog for the past year, and I love all the reviews that you do (we are about the same size)! It really helps me to figure out whether an item will look good on me since online photos are so deceiving! Keep up the great posts! :)


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